Frost and Flame. (2011-11-11)

It is still in its early stages of infancy.
Currently a non-playable WIP.
Although you can navigate most of the UI, some of the inventory items are randomly generated on load.
Various random level generation algorithms have been implemented.
The current focus is on a new OpenGL 3+ engine.

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Star.P.G. (2010-09-14)

Arcade style, Side scrolling space shooter.
With over 16k lines of code, rich in features and variety, this game is sure to please.
Battle your way through hordes of enemies who increase in difficulty, and defeat the seven bosses!
Earn achievements as you gain score and kills!
Customize your star-ship with various weapons, shields and thrusters!
And don't forget to save your game!

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Project Zero (2014-08-10)

Game title still undecided.